Here are the stats for Riddler's Revenge as supplied by Six Flags Magic Mountain and B&M. I have not physically verified these myself with a tape measure, so direct your joy, anger, or misbelief elsewhere.

  • Height: 156ft.
  • Length of track: 4370ft.
  • Length of First Drop: 146ft.
  • Speed: 65 M.P.H.
  • Highest Loop: 124ft.
  • Number of Inversions (# of times you go upside down): 6
  • List of Inversions: vertical loop, 2 diving loops, oblique (inclined) loop, 2 flat spins (corkscrews)
  • Number of trains: 3
  • Theoretical Capacity: 1610 per hour

Sound impressive? It is. The supports are black, with the track a bright green. The ride layout is like this: Lift towards Tidal Wave, left drop into vertical loop which has the lift going through it. Next is the 2 diving loops, one right after the other. Next it's the oblique loop (a loop at an angle). After hitting the block brake (or brake block if you prefer) its on to a flat spin (corkscrew), a hump over Freefall's run out, another flat spin, and then you hit the brakes over by the Dive Devil launch towers. Also mix in various turns and a max. G-force of +4.2 and you've got quite a good ride. The whole ride including the lift and brakes is around 3 minutes. And as a B&M, the thing is smooth as silk. So if you like stand ups or steel coasters in general, check it out! It is located in the new "Movie District."

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