Here are some of the old sights of the pre-Riddler area:

The old Freefall entrance sign.

The old Freefall entrance queue

Again, the old Freefall entrance queue

The new Freefall paint job, as seen from Batman the Ride

The new Freefall paint job, as seen from the Dive Devil launch towers

The old El Dorado station for Eagle's Flight

The old El Dorado Eagle's Flight station

Cantina (El, Baja), before it's demolition

Freefall again, as seen from Dive Devil

The new Tidal Wave paint job

Another shot of the new Tidal Wave paint job

The construction wall as seen from the midway near Waterfront

Construction of The Riddler's Revenge

A new B&M stand-up roller coaster. B&M are the responsible parties that brought Batman the Ride to the Six Flags group of parks, as well as numerous other incredible coasters around the country including Montu, Kumba, Alpengeist, Vortex, Chang, Mantis, and Raptor.

The construction area before the clear-cutting of trees began

One of the first track pieces to be painted. It's a lousy scan

Unpainted Riddler track in the parking lot

Unpainted Riddler track in the parking lot

Unpainted Riddler track in the parking lot

Rebar supports waiting to be put into the ground. Note the (old) color of Metro's track

Another shot of the future footers

A view of the maintenance area and storage track area of Riddler

The Riddler ride area from Dive Devil

The Riddler ride area as seen from Tidal Wave's exit

The lift rising by the Freefall run out

The bottom of the first dive loop

The lift behind Freefall

About 1/3 of the lift completed

The lower part of the lift, and the bottom of the vertical loop

Bottom of the vertical loop

The view from Tidal Wave with the vertical loop complete

The drop and first loop from the back of Batman the Ride

The completed vertical loop

The curved drop. Very different from its brothers Mantis and Chang

Exiting the vertical loop and entering the first dive loop

Work being done on the station, as seen from Dive Devil

3 guesses as to what this is, and the first two don't count...

Wrapped in plastic to preserve freshness...

The color is right on...

an overly artsy kinda collage

I wonder if...

...nah, probably not.

The future station

A road to nowhere

A view from the Dive Devil launch towers

Here's your entrance—you can almost hear "Ecuador" playing

A standard in any "Movie Backlot," the gas station

the baddest looking piece of track on a stand-up ride—the horizontal turn

The Dive Loop meets The Oblique Loop...

dive loop #1

dive loop #2

the oblique loop

into the oblique loop

out of the oblique loop, and towards the block brake

you ARE the train

"uhh—it's like twisted, or something..."

All pics taken by me except those that weren't. Thanks to that person for the other pics!

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