By popular demand, here is an updated listing of Magic Mountain information. Included are local hotels, prices, hours and days of operation, height limits, as well as directions to the park. If there's something you'd like to know, or something you'd like to see me add here, please email me and let me know.

Mailing Address
For snail mail correspondence, mail Six Flags Magic Mountain at:
P.O. Box 5500
Valencia, Ca 91385

I don't have an official email address for them, so you'll have to call or snail mail them.

How to get there
Magic Mountain is located about 30 miles or so north of Los Angeles in Valencia, California. It is located ajacent to the 5 freeway just south of Castaic. If you have a rudimentary knowledge of the LA freeway system you can get to Magic Mountain. Make your way to the 5 freeway and, depending on where you're starting from, head either north or south. If you're coming from the San Fernando Valley or below, head north. If you're coming from Castaic or farther north, head south. Exit on Magic Mountain Parkway, and you'll see it next to you. Have fun!

Where to Stay
Let me set the record straight right here—I have not stayed in any of these hotels, and therefore cannot vouch for their quality. I live nearby and have no reason to rent a room right next to where I (used to) work. I have stayed at a Marriott Residence Inn at another location and liked it. I'm not sure that's a recommendation, however. I've heard good things about the Hilton Garden Inn across the street as well. Here's the list:

  • Best Western Valencia/Ranch House Inn
    local phone number 661-255-0555
    toll free phone 800-528-1234

  • Comfort Inn Castaic (5 min north of SFMM)
    phone number 661-295-1100

  • Comfort Suites Stevenson Ranch (5 min south of SFMM)
    local phone number 661-254-7700
    toll free phone 800-228-5150

  • Hilton Garden Inn at Six Flags (across the street)
    local phone number 661-254-8800
    toll free number 800-445-8667

  • Hyatt Valencia
    local phone number 661-260-1300
    toll free phone number 800-233-1234

  • Marriott Fairfield Inn (5 min south of SFMM)
    phone number 661-290-2800
    toll free number 800-228-2800

  • Marriott Residence Inn (5 min south of SFMM)
    local phone number 661-290-2800
    toll free number 800-331-3131
Hopefully this is enough of a start for you to choose from. That's all the hotel info I have right now. Another good bet if you don't see something listed is to call the 800 number for your favorite hotel/motel chain and ask what they have near SFMM. Happy hunting!

Group Sales
Special admission rates are available for groups of 10 or more. Please call one of the following numbers:

661-255-4111 or 661-255-4100

Parking Fees
It will cost you $7 to park right now.

Admission Prices:
Magic Mountain determines *adult* status not by age, I.Q., or shoe size. As far as getting into the park, Magic considers you an adult if you stand 48" or higher. By being this height you can take full advantage of all rides except for Riddler's Revenge, Batman and Viper.

Price: $40.99

As stated above, what determines a child at Magic Mountain is size. People smaller than 48" get into the park at a reduced rate.

Price: $20.50
Kids 2 years & younger: FREE

Age is now a factor for this admission. People who have experienced 55 years or more will be granted a lower price on admission. I think that's only fair; they've given a lot to our society already, eh?

Price: $20.50

Two-park combo ticket
Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor

Price: $50.99

I'm not up to date on discounts right now. Please call the park for further info.

Please note that almost all discounts apply to ADULT admissions only. For example, $10 off coupons are not usually good on a child's admission ticket.

Season Passes
Currently, there are some promotions going on, and remember that if you get a pass, it is good through the end of the calendar year, and it is good at every Six Flags park, even the "new" ones (the ones Premier renamed).

Days of Operation (and hours too)
Please click here for park hours and days of operation. Dates and hours are subject to change without notice. I'll post any changes here as soon as I hear of them.

Height Restrictions for Rides
As an exercise in futility, I'll hereby type the following:" I do not set the height requirements, nor do I have the ability to influence those who do. Also, note that rarely are height limits set based on the perceived *severity* of the ride. Rather, they are based on the design of the particular restraints utilized by that ride" That being said, here are the restrictions for each ride, current as of Summer, 2000.

No Height Restriction
The following 3 rides have no height restriction whatsoever. I suppose that means your 2 year old can ride these over and over again without you being there:

Metro, Orient Express, and Sky Tower.

Must be Under 54" to Ride
All rides In Bugs Bunny World require that you be under 54 inches. Parents are allowed to stand with their children on the Kiddie Carousel, however.

Must be at least 36" to ride
Spin Out, and Scrambler (must be 42" to ride Scrambler alone)

Under 42" must ride with an adult
Buccaneer, Circus Wheel, Grand Carousel, Granny Gran Prix (must be >48" to drive), Jet Stream, Jolly Roger, Log Jammer, and Yosemite Sam Sierra Falls.

Must be 42" to ride
Acme Atom Smasher, Freefall, Grinder GearWorks, Ninja, Roaring Rapids, Sandblasters (>54" to drive or ride alone), Sierra Twist, Swashbuckler, and Tidal Wave.

Must be 48" to ride
Goliath, Colossus, Flashback, Gold Rusher, Psyclone, Revolution, and Superman the Escape.

Must be 54" to ride
Batman the Ride, Viper, and The Riddler's Revenge.

The upshot—you need to be 42" to get on anything good, and it's even better if you're over 48".

That's all for now. If there's more you'd like to see, please email me and let me know.

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