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March 9th, 1999--

I;ve kept most of the news on the front page, and there's not really much to view here. I'm beginning to make progress on getting my web site back in order. Please be patient.

December 17th, 1998--I saw Love and Rockets perform last night at The Block at Orange. Great show. I was really anxious to see both how the new album sounded live, and what the reaction would be. I know bands perform better in front of good crowds. As for the sound, I was really immpressed. The songs sounded even better live, especially My Drug, Delicious Ocean, and Pink Flamingo. I don't really care for Pink Flamingo on Lift, but live it was really good, especially to see Daniel play the sax. Deep Deep Down, one of my favorites on Lift, sufferred a bit from a lack of visuals I thought. The band played the whole 9 minutes and left the crowd in a trance. They applauded politely, as it was the end of the set, but Daniel had to prompt the crowd to cheer for the encore ("We want, more, we want more!"). I don't think everyone knew the new songs, but they seemd to like them once they had a chance to digest. them (my feelings were later confimed by someone standing in front of me in line at the signing, more on that below). When the came back, the crowds really came alive for Mirror People and 20th Century Boy (a T-Rex cover). I think the good response for Mirror People, as well as the generally good response for the new stuff, bodes well for the whole tour next year. After the show, there was an in-store for autographs and such. While I feel like a fool while I'm doing it, I'm always glad afterward for the chance to meet the band and have a memento of seeing them. I decided to not go "old school" and try to prove what I great, old fan I was by bringing a vintage vinyl copy of Express or the Bubblemen EP. Instead, I wanted to mark the promo tour of Lift by having them sign Lift. Good to see many people picking up Lift at the signing as well. Kevin was smiling, Daniel was seemingly amused (though you could tell he wished it was already done) and David was cool and laid-back as ever. Overall, I don't get the rockstar vibe from them, so even if this was a necessary evil for them, they suppressed it well. Very wothwhile trip. My girlfriend and I took pictures, I'll post them as soon as I get back from vacation (December 27th). Sometime around there I'll have my site revamped as well, with updated news, pictures, info, and links to the better sites out there.

Have a happy holiday and go buy Lift for someone as a gift. We've bought 2 to give as gifts. And play it loud, it sounds great!

December 13th, 1998--Found Holy Fool tonight while not even looking for it. I bought 2, and I'm sure I'll buy more. Like the first 2 mixes, but I was a little disappointed by the So Alive remix. Only $2.99 at Tower, buy one for you and one for a friend......

December 2nd, 1998--Well, Lift is out, I love it and yet I have not put anyhting new on my site about it. I'm working to correct that oversight right now. Also ,the single for Holy Fool is supposed to be out, but I'm having trouble finding it. I can still find Resurrection Hex everywhere, so I don't know what the deal it. Even CD Now and Amazon say it will be at least 1-2 weeks if I order a copy. ***Also, check out this great Love and Rockets page Body and Soul and sign the swing petition.*** See you all soon with an update!

June 29th, 1998--

The Bauhaus reunion tour is on. Besides Hollywood, I've heard about Chicago and Seattle dates. Check your local radio station, or check out ticketmaster for info. Should be great.

The new Love and Rockets single, Ressurection Hex, is out now. I bought it and the Tones on Tail compliation "Everything," a few weeks ago. BUY BOTH NOW! They are both really good. The new L&R single is sounds like it should have come back right after Hot Trip to Heaven. Very electronic, and the single features remixes galore. I have no idea if the whole new album is like this, but we'll see. I think I'll have to re-order my L&R CDs in my CD holder. It should now go, in order of evolution, Seventh, Express, ESM, L&R, Sweet FA, Hot Trip, and now the Ressurection Hex single. Just a joke. Here's the track listing. And did I mention you should buy the Tones on Tail 2 CD set, "Everything?" You should.

Love and Rockets CD5--"Resurrection Hex" Red Any records

  1. Resurrection Hex--LP mix (6:20)
  2. Resurrection Hex--4 AM Erection Mix (5:13)
  3. Resurrection Hex--Deep Dish Luv 'N' Dub Mix (12:43)--very good
  4. Resurrection Hex--KMFDM Giganto Mix (5:53)
  5. Lift--Keoki Malibu Mix (4:18)--Title of the new album, Lift.
  6. Resurrection Hex--Mood II Swing Dub Mix (5:58)
  7. Resurrection Hex--Deep Dish Hex Beats (5:31)
Check it out and if your record store doesn't carry it, look for it online. That's all for now.

May 15th, 1998-

I was searching for news after hearing the recent rumours about a new album, and found only spotty information. I found that Love and Rockets are on a new label in the US, Red Ant Records, and that new material is on the way. The following is from Rolling Stone online, in the random notes section. I hear the single, Ressurection Hex, should be released May 19th. Call our local *alternative* station and demand the play it. It's been sad to see these stations adbandon the ands they once supported lately. Anyway, here's the news bit:

"So Alive" after all these years,

Love and Rockets have recently completed work on Lift, the follow-up to their 1996 album Sweet F.A.

The latest album, recorded at Swing House Studio in Los Angeles, represents an amalgamation of styles showcased on previous Love and Rockets albums, said Suzan Crane of Red Ant Entertainment. Encompassing dark, enigmatic sounds, guitar rock, psychedelic musings, techno and cabaret music, Lift is "schizophrenic and ambitious," she said.

"This is an electronic album with heart and soul," Crane said. "It's not cold and anonymous like other techno music."

This latest album from Daniel Ash, David J and Kevin Haskins also features a guest appearance from members of Luscious Jackson on the track Holy Fool. The album's first single, "Resurrection Hex," will air on radio May 19. The band has not announced tour plans yet. (Anni Layne)" (from Rolling Stone online)

As I find more articles and other news, they will collect here. If you have any to share, please email me.

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