Quit Your Job, Let's Go Bowling!

OK, here I was cruising around the Internet, looking for cool music sites when I decided to look for a Let's Go Bowling site. For those of you who don't know, Let's Go Bowling is a truly great ska band from Fresno, Ca. They have two albums out (3 now), "Music to Bowl By" and "Mr. Twist", and have appeared on many, many compilations. I found it hard to believe that I could not find many pages devoted to what has got to be one of the smoothest bands around. Maybe I didn't look that hard, but nonetheless, I decided to create my own page for them. Please bear in mind that I make no claim as their biggest fan. There is probably someone somewhere who has seen them 100 times, has 10 copies of all their records, and knows each member personally. I don't know them, but I love their music. And hopefully that will be enough to start with. And maybe, if this page can be found by others and they like it, they will add their own Let's Go Bowling tales, encounters, etc. For now, I'll to my best to keep it up and current.

I saw LGB in concert February 28th, 1997. All the bands sucked except for LGB! I had a concert report, but I kinda lost it. The main gist of it was that despite being billed as a SKA fest, it was more a funk fest, with a second rate Voodoo Glow Skulls imitator thrown in for bad measure. By the time LGB took the stage, I was ready to leave because of all of the moshing going on around me. Can't anyone go to a live show nowdays without a mosh pit breaking out? I'm almost willing to fork out money to see someone like Neil Diamond just to see whether or not some nob will start moshing to Neil's greatest hits. Anyway, LGB was great and best of all, they chided the moshing people and directed their attention to the stage for an example of how to dance to ska.

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Created February 26th, 1997.

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