Lookout! It's The Bubblemen!

The Bubblemen Are Coming!

Welcome to my Love and Rockets page. Here you will find album art, pictures, articles, lyrics, and links to other Love and Rockets sites on the web (what few there are).

For those of you new to Love and Rockets, they consist of David J on bass, Daniel Ash on guitar, and Kevin Haskins on drums. If you're saying, "Wait, that sound like Bauhaus without Peter Murphy!," you're right. David J and Daniel share vocal duties, something they started doing on the last studio album by Bauaus, Burning from the Inside. Love and Rockets put out there first album, Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven, in 1985. In between Bauhaus and Love and Rockets, the former members of Bauhaus worked on different projects. David J recorded solo stuff, something he still does (Ediquette of Violence), while Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins formed Tones on Tail with Glenn Campling. Tones on Tail are also worthly of your music collection if you enjoy Love and Rockets. Try and find the import copy of Night Music, or better yet get the new compliation, Everything. Just like it says, it is everything Tones on Tail ever did. Anyhow, Love and Rockets, while they don't put out an album every year, are still recording. In between albums, Daniel Ash has put out some solo records of his own, and had a minor hit with the singleThis Love. And, for a while, David J was a member of the Jazz Butcher. I've heard that they also DJ a bit in the LA area in their spare time.

Oh yeah, about the Bubblemen. While I prefer to think of them as alter egos so the members of the group don't take themselves too seriously, they have described them as friends of theirs. They will show up in concert at times, playing their hit single The Bubblemen are Coming! or sometimes they will appear in a Love and Rockets vidoe such as Ying and Yang the Flowerpot Man. The Love and Rockets video collection, The Haunted Fishtank, features several appearances from the Bubblemen in all their glory. Check it out...

This site is broken up into several sections. Some are still being developed, but each individual link will work. Some links just have more info than others. You will find album art, lyrics, pictures, articles, and links. Put on some Love and Rockets (may I suggest The Light?), and enjoy your stay.

The new album, Lift, and the new singles, Resurrection Hex and Holy Fool are available now. Buy them at your local record store or online. Check out the cover in my image section, and see the track listing for Resurrection Hex in the news section. Reminds me of the "Hot Trip to Heaven" Love and Rockets which I happened to like a lot.

March 9th, 1999. Put up my pictures of the free show at the Block in the "pics" section. Also added 2 photos I found online.And I added the lyrics to Hot Trip to Heaven and Lift. Moved some of the news that was down below to the real place it should be, the news page.

February 1999-----Love and Rockets are on tour---I'll be attending the LA show in March at the Mayan. Since I've been unable to keep up with the updates, please go to these 2 places where you will be able to fullfill all your Love and Rockets needs:

Until I can get myself sorted enough to have a coherent page, I strongly advise not only visiting the 2 pages above, but to bookmark them.

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