The trolls were part of what made Magic Mountain an original, apart from other parks. Before the Looney Tunes characters really appeared in 1985, the mascots and characters at MM were the trolls. There were 3 main trolls, a baby troll (blip), and the Wizard. The trolls were King Troll, Bleep (female), and Bloop (male). They wandered around for pictures, appeared on merchandise, and added to the atmosphere at MM. They even had their own ride, the old, small 99 Steam Train took riders on a trip through the woods and through Trollywood. Trollywood was mostly just little cheap facades, but they were cool in their own way. The station is still around; it is now the seldom used lower queue house for the Yosemite Sam Sierra Slides in the High Sierra Territory. In 1985, the trolls were evicted for Bugs Bunny and friends. It was kind of sad in a way, but I think the trolls are just really a fond memory than anything else because if they were around today, they'd be ridiculed for being out of date. As with Disneyland, people pine away for what they cannot have anymore.

The Legend

Courtesy of a very well-informed fan of the trolls, I have a bit of the old lore that accompanied the trolls at Magic Mountain. It was the legend that helped explain how Magic Mountain came to be. The following is from Larry Ellis Reed. If you want more info, email him; he has a lot of good info to give:

"It turns out that there was this quite elderly Wizard (as turned out to be a close relative of Merlin, as in the Arthurian legend) who resided in a small cave in what we mortals call the Santa Clarita Valley--and, as it turned out, he had a habit of strolling around this hill every morning for inspiration and exercise. Yet, as it turned out, things looked pretty dull and boring.

"One morning, during our Wizard's daily stroll, he noticed some bizarre sounds coming out of a smallish cave opposite his. And, curious fellow that he was, he walked briefly into the cave, only to spot four strange-looking, furry creatures in highly-animated conversation. Unfortunately, he couldn't make head nor tail of what those creatures were, or what they were saying.

"With much haste, the Wizard returned back to his cave and conducted some research into the subject through a series of spells. Which revealed to him, among other useful things, that the cave he encountered was home to a race of Trolls, and that they needed a liberal dose of Vitamin F (fun) every day if they were to avoid extinction. As it turned out, the Vitamin F was quite low in those parts, and they were seriously doomed to extinction unless drastic action was taken.

"As for what they were saying, he referred to a volume of Special Vocabulary Spells, and decided to employ #5565 (Understanding Troll Language) to find out. Once successfully cast, our Wizard returned back to the Trolls' lair, and the message given him (this may sound a little childish, as it was in rhyme) explained their plight:

"Without lots of fun, we just wither away, For fun is our food, we could eat it all day!

"This mountain we share, it's lovely, but glum, But if you could make magic, then fun, it will come!

"And with kids of all ages, making fun every day, We'd make it a mountain of magic. HOORAY!!!"

"With that, the Wizard decided to get acquainted with his new friends in the Trolls--and as it turned out, Trolls didn't normally have names; hence, it was decided to give them such:

*The Troll as wore a jewel-encrusted crown and regal robes was given the name of "King Troll."

*The pair of youngish-looking such were given the names of "Bloop" (the male) and "Bleep" (the female), so given by The Wizard because they pretty much looked the part.

*The infant child of the pair was given the name "Blip."

And so, without further delay, work began in earnest among both Wizard and Trolls in turning a barren piece of Santa Clarita Valley hillside real estate into one spectacular place where the Trolls could have their Vitamin F and eat it too--and also have this same magic rub off upon all who would visit that very enchanted place. (And no mean feat, mind you!)

After the dust had settled, the Wizard wiped his brow, and remarked:

"This certainly is a magic mountain!"

Whereupon Bloop responded:

"That's the perfect name for this place right there: Magic Mountain!"

And so Magic Mountain it became.

The Train to Trollywood

Again from Mr. Reed is what the sign said when you got close to the entrance to the ride:


"This train passes through the sanctuary of Trollsylvania, which includes the communities of Trollverly Hills, Trollywood and Trollsadena.

"Trollsylvania is a sanctuary for the preservation of Trolls.

"Trolls are people-watchers. If you do not wish to be subjected to this people-watching, then please do not ride this train."

Or words similar to that effect.

Photos of Trolls

Below are some B&W photos of the trolls. They're not much, and they look a lot like mugshots, but they do the trick.

The first one up is Bleep, the female troll.

Bleep Bleep

Next is Bloop, the somewhat dopey looking troll (you know, as opposed to the other, more serious, trolls!).

Bloop Bloop

Here's the King Troll.

King Troll King Troll

And finally, the Wizard.

The Wizard The Wizard

Trollywood This photo was taken along the old 99 steam train that traveled through TrollyWood.

Bleep says "What's up!" in front of the Whitewater (now High Sierra) Metro Station.

Bleep and Metro

And finally, a big wave goodbye from the old trolls, standing in front of Valencia Falls. Hey—isn't that troll wearing Converse All-Stars????


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