Batman the Ride Station and Lift:

The first shot is of a lift support going up. Lift construction traditionally takes the longest, and after the lift is installed, the coaster really begins to take shape.

The next 2 are almost the same picture. In addition to the lift, you can see the supports for the first loop on the left of the pictures. The quality is bad as well, but oh well.

Finally, here's the transfer track area without the cover it has once completed. One of the interesting things about when I rode Montu was that because of the difference in theming, Montu was an outdoor, airy station and you could see a lot, including the transfer area. With Batman however, the motif is dark, and in the batcave viewing is limited. Check it out:

Still want MORE Batman construction? Well, I've aquired some great pics from someone and they're located on the next page. Follow me this way....

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please email me with them.

bat sign

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